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Feltwork - Pictures

Felt can be used to create pictures with great detail and colour, like a painter's pallette.

Machine and hand stitiching can be used to add further detail and effect.

The pictures vary greatly in size, so that actual sizes are provided below, in millimetres.

Click on images for larger view in a separate window.

Footprints in the Sand - 700 x 660

Visitors to the beach leave imprints in the sand, twice daily the tide returns to wash the memory and create a new canvas for the following day's story.

This changing tableau of sand is contrasted with the permanence of the rocky shore, both exposed to the same surf, the latter unmoved.

The footprints tell a story, but does every readerread the same story?

Woodland Scene - 200 x 290

Needle felted with metallic thread detailing.

Summer Flowers - 390 x 490

Wet felted with needle felt detailing.

Red Poppies - 370 x 450

Wet Felted, one of my first pictures.

Dandelion on Black - 420 x 380

Wet felted with machine stitiched embellishment.

Circle of Life - 1000 x 900

Needle felted figures on wet felted background.

Ireland's Eye from the Burrow Beach - 200 x 290

Wet felted with metallic stitched embellishment.

Poppies in Field - 200 x 290

Wet felted wool fibre and silk.

Dandelion on Blue - 380 x 360

Wet felted with machine stitiched embellishment.